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How Billionaires Made Their Money

You may find yourself thinking everyday “How do I become rich?”. No one ever said it would be easy, but for some it may seem as if it came naturally. There are some that are born into it and inherit the wealth from their parents, famous people for example.

However, when looking at how most billionaires made their money, the truth is they actually worked for it. Whether it was creating a new technology that would sweep the nation by storm, they had an idea or a dream that they wanted to make reality. How Billionaires Made Their MoneysMost of the time all this money comes with hard work, dedication, and determination. Take professional athletes for example. Sure the best of the world may be making billions of dollars, you may think it is not fair as well. However, what you might not understand is all the hours spent practicing, tears shed over the years, and arguments and setbacks these athletes have all faced throughout the years leading up to his or her success.

Another way individuals have been able to grow to be billionaires in the past has been through the use of media. Whether it has been television, radio, or computers, technology and media has opened a new door for billionaires. Today everyone has a smartphone or television that they are constantly viewing things on, so this is beneficial for some people and businesses as they bring in more views and in turn more money. For huge companies such as Disney, media has worked in their favor. Disney started making just a few movies and shows, but over time countless movies, shows, and songs have been made. Along with that, the entertainment industry that spiraled out of that helped Disney as well. With the world known themed parks and shopping industry, Disney has been able to gain a lot of success and money over the recent years.